Small Breakdown of the Siberian Tiger

Modeling, Retopo, UV

Modeling, Retopology and UV layout in Maya and ZBrush. While not necessary due to ptex usage, it is a lot cleaner in the long run.


Texturing in Mudbox by projecting the tiger's fur from photos and further color-correcting/stamping to improve different spots due to shadows in the images or various base colors on different tiger fur.

Rigging - Skin Wheighting

Rigging the tiger with Maya (IK and FK), adding over 50 blendshapes and animation attributes for the mouth, eyes and feet. Using additional blendshapes for keeping the volume and simulate skin movement.


Animating a walk cycle in Maya while watching real footage and comparing with this reference material.


Grooming in Xgen using the grooming splines and applying various modifiers and maps  to create the most natural look.


Setting up a light rig and shader in Vray.
The final fur render is currently in progress and coming soon.
Compositing and Postproduction in NukeX.

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